Lego Shop

I LOVE this activity!  This week I visited 2B and we ran our own Lego Shop.  They spent 20 minutes making little creations and then came and got their $10 and then the shop was declared open.  There was so much buying and selling happening. 

Well done to Darcy on making the most money of  $27 and to Talan who came second with $23!

20161122_121029 20161122_121037 20161122_121218 20161122_121228 20161122_121240 20161122_121246 20161122_121817 20161122_121904

Four Piles

The next tricky problem we gave 2B was the Four Piles problem.

They needed to make four piles so that:

Pile 1 had 3 more than pile 3

Pile 3 had one more than pile 2

And Pile 4 has twice as many as pile 2

Could you work it out?

20161121_094836 20161121_094842 20161121_094608 20161121_094600 20161121_094502

These guys did and many even went on to further questions. Would it work with 25 blocks?  How many other amounts would it work with?

Place Value Game

Last week (actually a couple of weeks ago now – where has the time gone?!)  I worked with a group of students from 4E and 4F and we played a place value game.  The game is called ‘Bean Bag Toss’ but we were using counters.  We drew a big dartboard on the carpet in chalk and tossed in our 5 counters and then worked out our total score.  There was a lot of healthy competition!

20161108_093830 20161108_093846 20161108_094409 20161108_094432 20161108_094440 20161108_094903

Thank you!!!

I spent the first four weeks of this term working with 2F and on my last classroom visit they presented me with this poster they had made. 

How lucky am I????!!! 

Thanks so much 2F it was a pleasure working and learning with you all!


Area Animals!

Check out the work that 3C have been doing!  First they made habitats for animals in different parts of the world….

20161104_094349 20161104_094238 20161104_094148 20161104_094132

Then they used grid paper to make ‘area’ animals for their habitats and calculated the area for each of the animals…

20161104_100331 20161104_095514 20161104_095500 20161104_095445 20161104_095424

Check out their display!!  AMAZING work 3C!

20161104_155555 20161104_155534

Groups of

I was lucky enough to visit 2F when they were learning about multiplication – or ‘groups of.  For this particular lesson they were rolling two a dice to work out how many groups they needed and then rolling it again to work out how many in each group.  Eg.  4 groups of 5 = 20

Doesn’t this looks like so much fun!

20161025_114947 20161025_114959 20161025_115140 20161025_115155 20161025_115201 20161025_115227 20161025_115519

Multiplication with 2A

2A are beginning to learn about multiplication. A part of multiplication is learning to skip count. Here we are skip counting using threading plates. We had so much fun and though it was really relaxing. We were able to find the patterns easily!

img_2276 img_2277 img_2278 img_2279 img_2280 img_2281

3D – Build a city project

Last term I had the privilege of working with 3D on their ‘Build a City’ maths project.  It was great to see how enthusiastic they wee about it and how committed they were.  The ideas they came up with were amazing and although it took them all term they were persistent, worked together and produced an amazing city!

Here they are exploring other cities around the world and then looking at 3D shapes…….

week-1-1 week-1-2 week-2-1 week-2-2 week-2-3

Next… starting to map out the city….

week-5 week-6-1 week-6-2

Painting… buildings are on now!!!

week-10-4 week-10-3


The final product!!  (The pictures don’t do it justice!!!)

week-10-1 week-10-2   week-10-7

week-10-6 week-10-5

How proud do they look!!  And so they should be!!!  Well done 3D!!  Amazing work!!!